Access IDMI’s Facilities

IDMI maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Our equipment is available to UCI researchers, students, industrial partners, and members of the community. We operate two distinct facilities, each with its unique flavor and philosophy. Click on the RapidTech and Fabworks links for detailed descriptions of capabilities and rules of engagement for each facility.

RapidTech is our high-end facility, featuring some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment on the market, with a clear emphasis on additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies. The state-of-the-art equipment at Rapidtech is operated by our skilled technical staff and our student super-users. Training on all the equipment is provided to PhD students with a clear research need. Undergraduate students and members of the community can engage our technical staff for their fabrication needs. The equipment at RapidTech is primarily used for research, graduate education, advanced professional training and industrial services.

FABWorks is our maker space, where design and creativity run wild. FABWorks hosts a suite of prosumer-level technologies, covering a wide range of manufacturing processes (from 3D printing to laser cutting and sewing), and is available on a do-it-yourself basis, after free training sessions and by payment of nominal hourly fees. This facility is open to all members of the community, with and without affiliation with UCI. FABWorks is heavily used for our education and outreach activities, training a generation of students on how to think about making stuff…

The IDMI Machine Shop is a well-equipped machine shop offering mills, lathes, drill press and welding capabilities.

The Saratech Lab is our additive manufacturing room housing three high-end machines offering unique build capabilities.  Click the logo to learn more!

Our Infrastructure

For an at-a-glance comparison of our facilities, see the chart below. To find out more about each facility, please follow the links above.

Desktop 3D Printing x x
Commercial 3D Printing x
Metal 3D Printing x
Laser Cutting x x
Laser Scanning x
CNC Routing x
Moulding x x
Basic Electronics Supplies x
DIY Training x
CAD Design Services x

Facilities Locations

IDMI Administrative Office
444 Engineering Tower, Irvine, CA 92697

Engineering Tower, Irvine, CA

2302 Calit2 Building, Irvine, CA 92697

IDMI Machine Shop
137 Engineering Tower, Irvine, CA 92697