IDMI engages industry through a variety of mechanisms. We are looking forward to collaborating on joint projects, from multi-year basic and applied research projects, to short-term product development efforts. We also offer specialized training in advanced manufacturing that can be customized to specific needs.

Joint Research Projects

PhD student projects, 2-4 years

Want to conduct research in new area, but don’t have personnel to spare and/or the necessary expertise? We can assign one of our PhD students to work on your multi-year project under the expert mentorship of one of our affiliated faculty members.

Development Projects

MS student projects, 6-12 Months

Stuck in the design phase of a new product? Need analysis done on a new mode of failure? Let your project be one of our MS students’ thesis projects. MS students work under the mentorship of our experienced affiliated faculty, in close communication with your organization.

Short-term Feasibility Studies

Undergraduate design projects, 10 weeks

Have a product that needs tweaking and want to help train and prepare the next generation of engineers? We can assign a small cohort of undergraduate students (generally seniors) to work under your guidance and the mentorship of a faculty member. Projects are typically well defined in scope and last for one academic quarter (10 weeks). Work with undergraduate students, while getting fresh and innovative ideas for your project.


Professional training on advanced manufacturing equipment

IDMI hosts a wide range of advanced manufacturing equipment, and employs a variety of software packages. With our unique position within the University of California at Irvine, we have a large focus on education. If your company needs to branch out into a new technology, let us train your employees.

Sales & Service Contracts

Design services and recharge facilities

Need a prototype made? Bring your project to us and let us advise you on the manufacturing options available to suit your time, material, and cost needs. With experienced personnel and state-of-the-art infrastructure, IDMI is well suited to provide assistance on CAD work, prototyping and manufacturing. And with our emphasis and unique expertise on the most advanced additive processes, the potential of our design work is not limited by the constraints of traditional manufacturing.