Autodesk, Inc. donates seven Ember® 3D printers to IDMI


Ember® DLP SLA 3D Printer

On January 20, 2017, Eric Wilhelm, Vice President of Autodesk, Inc., notified IDMI that they were the recipient of seven Ember® DLP SLA 3D printers for their RapidTech division. Built in California, the Embers are the first open source production-quality 3D printers on the market and can print with an accuracy of 25 microns.

The unrestricted gift was targeted toward research use. “These unique printers will be instrumental in a number of current and future research programs, ranging from the investigation of micro-architected materials to the development of novel electrodes for batteries and energy systems. We look forward to pushing the boundaries of what these novel machines can produce,” says Lorenzo Valdevit, Director of IDMI. Besides research, these printers will find use in a wide range of educational activities: “We are honored to have been chosen for this generous gift and will include these printers as an integral part of our 3D printing program,” said Benjamin Dolan, Technical Director of the IDMI and instructor of 3D printing courses.  The printers were installed at the end of January and have been put to great use by UCI students.

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